Other Services

There are various other services we provide, such as bird exclusion, drain maintenance, mosquito fogging, rodent proofing and trash disposal sanitation. We offer same-day service, call us today at (850) 391-8997 for assistance.


Applied by our professional applicators around your home and throughout your backyard, the licensed and trained technician arrives at your property. They will address your problem and identify the unique areas of risk around your property. Mosquitoes have a life cycle, so we disrupt it by spraying the areas in which they are likely to feed and reproduce.


A bio foam used to eradicate organic build up which can produce foul orders and breeding harborages for small flies - such as fruit flies and drain flies - commonly found in commercial kitchens/bars, as well as residence homes (commonly in kitchens and bathrooms).

Power Dusting Wall Voids

A beneficiary service within your interior walls which helps minimize any future pest infestations. Long-lasting and safe for you and your family.

person power dusting an electrical outlet